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HENNINGER Live Tailstock Chucks

Are valuable accessories for machining tubes and shafts which have no centres.  The bearing system in the HENNINGER range of 380 live tailstock chucks is substantial and will readily accept the radial and axial thrusts at the tailstock ends of tubes and shafts.

400mm dia 4 jaw independent chuck on a Morse 6 taper 380 live spindle

The flanges of the 380 units are designed to accept a wide range of 3 or 4 jaw chucks of cast iron or steel. Type 380 live tailstock units are available from Morse 2 to Morse 6 and can carry a work weight up to 4800 kg.  They can also incorporate axial spring loaded movement to allow thermal growth of work and can be supplied as sealed designs for grinding applications.

The use of a four jaw independent chuck enables the work axis to be offset so that a precise register diameter may be turned for locating the work in a steady rest whilst a centre or centre cone is machined in the end face.