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Collet Chucks - Vaughan Technology

FAHRION Range of Collet

FAHRION manufacture a
range of collets and collets chucks for single spindle, multi spindle and CNC
(chucking) lathes.

Collet Chucks include Quick Action Lever Chucks, with flat back, short taper,  manually operated chucks, power operated bar chucks, back stop chucks.

Collet types include Dead Length, EMERGENCY
Dead Length, Inner Stops, Feed Fingers, Rubber-Flex Collets, Multi Range
Collets, Top Gripping Jaws and Draw-In Collets.

Manually Operated
Collet Chucks with Safety Key

Many applications conventional as well as on CNC
machines, i.e. lathes, drills, mills and grinders.

  • Ideal for small production batches
  • Can be used on pallets and machining centre tables
  • Wear resistant construction
  • Durable simple design
  • Protected against contamination and dirt ingress
  • Higher clamping force and improved concentricity by
    holding work with collets compared with 3 jaw chucks.
  • Large clamping range
  • Low surface stresses due to large clamping surface
    area of collets – thus no pressure marks on the work profile
  • Standard, emergency, multi-range and profiled
    collets can be inserted
  • Profiled collets eliminate the time wasting
    exchange of chucks and/or jaws when changing from round to profiled material
  • No problems with use on machines with CE- mark

Collets for Workpiece Clamping

in collets
– to clamp work pieces after
turning, e.g. grinding and equipment with high accuracy and high clamping
forces.  The best results are obtained
when using close tolerance material and the correct collet size.

Length Collets
– for workpiece clamping (bar
or chuck work) in conventional single spindle lathes and CNC turning machines
directly in the spindle or in a collet chuck

Dead Length Collets
– for workpiece clamping as per
series 100 dead length collets.
Emergency collets are not intended for volume production.

Stops for Dead Length Collets
– Simple, low priced but still a functional inner stop for collets to
DIN 6343.

  • Absolutely firm seat
  • Quick assembly
  • Collet shanks are not deformed
  • Collet clamping is not affected
  • Can also be used as stop for hollow parts

Multi Range Rubber Flex Collets

For workpiece
clamping (bar or chuck) in conventional single spindle lathes and CNC turning
machines directly in the spindle or in a collet chuck.