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Face Drivers - Vaughan Technology

BRUCKNER (and Bruckner Boko) face drivers enable savings to be made on many shaft turning applications, rough and finish turning, profiling, external grinding (providing the end face is not harder than Rc35). Parts are driven from one end face only so the whole profile is accessible at a single loading.

BRUCKNER Face Drivers

BRUCKNER drivers cover a driving diameter range from 6 dia to 250 dia and a corresponding turning dia range from 6 to 500 mm, with spring loaded centrepoints to compensate for varying depth of centrebores.
The SM Series combines the advantages of mechanical compensation with the vibration damping of hydraulics –vibration damping system (VDS) – which prevents the driving pins from undue wear and tear, extends the life of the turning tools and protects the headstock bearings. High cutting forces are safely transmitted.

The SM series can be equipped with pins (5 per set) for clockwise or counterclockwise work driving or with symmetrical pins for driving in both directions. Pins are of High Speed Steel and are easily exchanged in a simple “Screwdriver” operation.  To find out more download the PDF above.

The HS series operates with four pistons which bear on oil chambers, connected hydraulically. The oil is under spring pressure achieving  maintenance-free sealing with U-section seal rings. To find out more download the PDF to the left.

The HS series offer large driving diameters and turning range with stepped driving teeth – 4 per set – clamped to the pistons.