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Spindle Speed Increasers - Vaughan Technology

Our programmes of mechanical, planetary geared Spindle Speed Increasers enable modern cutting tools to be fully exploited wherever inbuilt machine maximum spindle speed is a limiting factor. The range we offer enables the choice of a unit to match any application.

Cutters can be run up to 8 times machine spindle speed depending on Speeder size. Choose from 13 units ranging from 7 mm cutter clamping capacity (maximum speed 42000 rpm) to ISO60 output spindle (maximum output speed 4000 rpm and power throughput up to 53 kW). Drill, Mill and Machining Centre productivity can be boosted up to 8 times.Use Carbide cutters. Work surface finish is improved and costly machine spindle bearing life is prolonged.

HENNINGER Spindle Speed Increasers

Notable for their high power and torque throughput capacity, there are two ranges of HENNINGER spindle speed increaser;

The four units in range one – the 83 series – hold cutters shanks  ER11 (1-7 dia) , ER25 (1-16 dia), ER32 (2-20 dia) and the fourth which holds cutters up to 12 mm dia in quick change HT4 chucks.

These four units have interchangeable drive taper shanks so they can be mounted on a wide variety of machine spindles; for example ISO, BT, CAT, ANSI, HSK, Kennametal, CAPTO.

For driving cutters over 20 diameter use one of our 81 range speeders as illustrated in the last table – with a choice of 6 units holding cutter shanks from 2 mm to 50 taper.

These have one piece input spindles with integral drive tapers for even greater rigidity.

  • Quickly set up; use horizontally or vertically
  • No maintenance; permanently lubricated and preloaded bearings
  • Hardened and ground gears
  • Available with Orientation/Arrester mechanisms for Auto Tool Change
  • Can be supplied for thru’ coolant supply via Drive Taper or Cutter Spindle.
  • Use for Deep Hole Drilling applications

Optional toolholding for HENNINGER spindle speed increasers and angle heads

The ZB  HT4 system provides a fast, accurate means of changing cutting tools required by spindle speed increasers and angle heads .

Holders as depicted are equipped with ER11 (0.5 to 7 mm collets) to ER25 (0.5 to 16 mm collets) and cutters are gripped according to application

Spindle speed increaser and angle head cutter output spindles are manufactured not only to accommodate and drive the holders but also to facilitate quick toolholder  change.

Thus one angle head (for example) can be adjusted to suit a specific machine, a group of cutting tools selected and mounted in HT4 holders ready to perform their sequence of operations and the machine programmed to pause at tool change stages in the work cycle to allow swift cutting tool change.

Whilst the result is not so fast as would be achieved with a suite of preset angle heads, it is far less costly, efficient and highly economic for small work quantities.