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HENNINGER 960-965 series

HENNINGER 960-965 series High Frequency Spindles are specifically designed for driving small cutters and grinding wheels at high rpm in applications where HENNINGER Mechanical or Air Turbine Speeders may not meet job requirements.
Seven units are available for example: the type 960-300 is readily adapted for mounting on conventional machines or Machining Centres. Connections can also be provided to permit use with machining centre Auto Tool Change. The 960 unit is designed for special purpose machine application and features a 60 mm plain diameter for convenient mounting. Both units have infinitely variable speed control and HF generators with thermal overload protection.

State-of-the-art milling and tool technologies require high speeds. Tool manufacturers are constantly developing new coatings for their cutters. Which company has not experienced the problem of their machine’s spindle rpm being too slow to exploit the newest cutter technologies?

It is exactly this gap that HENNINGER high-speed motor spindles, types 960 / 965, can bridge. Your machine is used to mount the HENNINGER spindles. With rotational speeds reaching 80.000 rpm and 15 kW power, the extensive HENNINGER product line offers a spindle for every application. High-frequency motors guarantee quiet, vibration-free and constant torque drive of the motor spindle. The frequency converter enables infinitely variable rpm.

The spindle cooling medium is thermostatically held to a constant temperature by refrigeration. The cooling medium flow is regulated by a flow monitor ensuring that the spindle is unharmed if the cooling circuit malfunctions.

Quadruple, pre-loaded ceramic bearings, as well as permanent grease lubrication ensure vibration and maintenance free operation.

The 960-402 /965-402 types are equipped additionally with automatic rpm control and they can also be interlinked with the machine tool controls.

The spindles are equipped with the HENNINGER Modular Mounting Taper System allowing them to be easily adapted to various machines.

The 965-400/402 spindles are offered with automatic tool clamping (HSK).

Special designs are also possible.