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Fahrion Collets & Collet Chucks

Modern machining methods, high machine spindle speeds and high performance cutting tools call for the highest precision collets, collet chucks and cutter holding systems.

FAHRION have designed developed and manufactured this equipment for over 100 years, today using advanced production methods which assure the highest precision.  For example, collets are produced with special tempering steels which take into account certain parts of collets must be flexible whilst other areas are hard to withstand the rigours of service. Illustrated below are just a few examples of the extensive FAHRION programme.

ER/ESX and 400E collets Morse taper collet holders  Extended cylindrical collet holders FAHRION anti corrosion treated collets offer prolonged accuaracy and precision compared to widely available non treated collets.

Fahrion Cento-P High Performance High Precision Collet Chucks

The unique body design, collet extraction collar and advanced surface treatment ensure ideal cutter clamping characteristics for FAHRION Centro-P chucks to hold nominal cutter sizes within ISO H10 .

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Centro P does not utilise the normal collet collapse condition which negatively effects concentricity Centro P minimises bending and compression loads and increasing the size of the chuck body to the diameter of the clamping nut results in minimum chuck size with perfect stability.