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HENNINGER Angle Heads Types 880 and 882

HENNINGER all steel precision angle heads were introduced in 1986 since when their reputation for high performance, longevity and reliability in many areas of manufacture, particularly in heavy work environments and in aerospace applications has been proven worldwide.

Particularly outstanding is the degree to which special requirements have been met; through coolant, power tool clamping, automatic head body indexing, extended reach, double cutter spindle, heavyweight heads even up to 400 kg.

HENNINGER angle heads hold cutter shanks from 7 mm up to ISO 60 with power throughput up to 70 kw.

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Optional toolholding for HENNINGER spindle speed increasers and angle heads

The ZB  HT4 system provides a fast, accurate means of changing cutting tools required by spindle speed increasers and angle heads .

Holders as depicted are equipped with ER11 (0.5 to 7 mm collets) to ER25 (0.5 to 16 mm collets) and cutters are gripped according to application

Spindle speed increaser and angle head cutter output spindles are manufactured not only to accommodate and drive the holders but also to facilitate quick toolholder  change.

Thus one angle head (for example) can be adjusted to suit a specific machine, a group of cutting tools selected and mounted in HT4 holders ready to perform their sequence of operations and the machine programmed to pause at tool change stages in the work cycle to allow swift cutting tool change.

Whilst the result is not so fast as would be achieved with a suite of preset angle heads, it is far less costly, efficient and highly economic for small work quantities

HENNINGER Compact Heads Type 860

Heads designed specifically for machining features in small, long or small and long bores. A HENNINGER 862, for example can reach into a bore as small as 25mm and machine to a depth of 130 mm, with cutters 3 mm dia. An 866 will hold cutters up to 20 mm dia and reach 500 mm into a bore of 55 mm.

If a standard head from the very wide and comprehensive range we offer will not meet your need, we are glad to investigate, estimate and propose a head specially tailored to your requirements. 

Still Looking After You

Over a 25 year period Vaughan Technology sold and installed several hundred Gerardi-Alberti and Alberti angle heads of all sizes and specifications. Today we are glad to advise and assist our customers and users on continuing applications, service and repair and scope for replacement.



Special angle heads to suit customer application and specification.