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BRUCKNER Super Compact C Series Centres - Vaughan Technology

BRUCKNER Super Compact C Series Centres

the master manufacturers of machine centres of all kinds; produced to the highest
international standards of roundness, finish and taper accuracy AT4. 

Now BRUCKNER introduce the new super compact
C Series centres to their
programme.  With short compact housing,
anti-vibration design and runout from
0.003 mm to 0.001 mm
these centres are ideal where workspace is limited and
accuracy essential.

Engineering Manufacture 

The CS/CE range; with Bruckner’s patented TOP-SEAL-SYSTEM bearings are protected
from dirt and coolant ingress.

With runout to
within 0.003mm the range is ideal for high performance turning and cylindrical grinding

Special accuracy versions CSG/CEG are available with runout to within 0.001 mm.

Measuring Inspection and Testing

The CSM/CEM range, with anti-friction
bearings and runout to within 0.002 mm as standard these centres are ideal for
measuring and testing work.

For extra high
accuracy processes special precision versions CSMG/CEMG are available with runout to within 0.001 mm.

Complete data
for all standard BRUCKNER centres is
also to be seen on the turning and grinding section of our website.